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Maize milling Machine for sale in Uganda

Buy the best Maize milling machine in Uganda.

Are you having the best plans to starting up a maize milling factory in Uganda? We will help you get the best Machines at the most affordable price. We partner with the best suppliers of Maize milling machines and the machines come in different capacity.

What is the price of Maize milling Machine in Uganda?

The price of the maize milling machines in Uganda fully depends on the capacity of the maize mill that you want to set up. We have different options for small scale millers in Uganda and to big millers that supply the maize flour to the different parts of the country.

We will be able to offer the necessary training to your team of employees to make sure that the Maize mill is well-operated.

You will be in touch with the best team of mechanical engineers who know so much about the milling machines and therefore they shall be able to help you during the entire set up process.

Maize milling components

The Maize mill is not a standalone machine. It is composed of different machines which perform different activities during the entire process of turning maize into Maize flour:

Here are components:

The Maize Thresher

The maize thresher is the machine which is used to separate maize from the cobs. It is one of the machines that are operated during the first stage of the running the maize mill. These Maize threshers can be operated manually or by electricity.

Maize cleaner

The Maize cleaner is another important machine which you have to buy when planning to start the entire process of milling Maize. The purpose of the machine is to grade the different Maize

Maize Miller

This is the component that turns Maize seeds into Flour.  It is also important during the entire Maize milling process.

We will get you all the necessary maize milling components in Uganda.

What is the process of starting a Maize Milling business in Uganda?

Starting a Maize milling business in Uganda is one of the most profitable businesses that can really make you some good money. Although maize is not the staple food in Uganda, the flour is highly consumed by different people in Uganda. Maize flour is supplied in Schools during the school terms and the school account for the biggest consumption on the daily basis. Many government run enterprises prefer to eat Maize flour once in a while. The maize is also exported to the neigbouring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Congo. The market is essentially available. All you need is to tap into it.

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